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Empowering Communities with Practical Tools for Healthier Living

When the LiveLighter campaign was initially funded by the Department of Health Western Australia, its digital presence was treated as an afterthought and with a limited shelf-life.

As the campaign scaled it was obvious the approach was wrong and Eduka was appointed based on a recommendation to come in and create better engagement. The first thing we changed was to flip the notion that the website was just another awareness medium for the campaign waves. We instead wanted to build an asset that would become the hub of reliable information presented engagingly.

This case study explores how we achieved this and created a nationally renowned website that became a lot more than just a Western Australia state-based campaign.

Screenshot of the LiveLighter website home page

An engaging resource hub for healthy lifestyles

The Cancer Council of Western Australia (CCWA) partnered with Eduka to establish the LiveLighter campaign online and over the last 10 years we have collectively created a comprehensive digital platform offering practical information, engaging tools, and motivational support for healthier living.

This project's success continues due to CCWA's approach to treating their digital asset as a core part of the campaign that requires funding allocation, maintenance, and updates to result in a reliable, measurable, and ongoing pleasant user experience for all.

Screenshot of the meal planner

Collaboration with experts

LiveLighter's dynamic team of health and promotion experts produce blogs and recipes, website visitors can interact asking questions and providing feedback.

Screenshot of the junk food

Engaging tools and resources

With the LiveLighter team, we have created an array of interactive components to educate the public on health topics. These include meal planners, food and drink calculators, workout builders and more.

Screenshot of the LiveLighter website menu

Information architecture

Over the years it is normal for a website to grow organically and it is also common for a website's goals to become blurred and confusing. Regular content audits have ensured relevancy without breaking the bank.

Screenshot of the LiveLighter website

Location-based information

Growing from a Western Australian-centric campaign to an Australian presence required geo-targeted content. Our team made it possible for the campaign to scale.

Screenshot of the LiveLighter digital style

Digital style guide

Offering a digital style guide made sense to support multiple content authors and front-end developers. The true benefit, however, became obvious as frameworks evolved and the source of truth could be quickly updated ensuring no confusion on applying the brand assets.

Screenshot of the LiveLighter admin dashboard

Beyond just a CMS

There are somethings that require a bespoke solution rather than overloading a CMS that is not fit for purpose for what you want to achieve. We built a custom admin app to make the management of the website easy and relevant.

Screenshot of search engine results for

Google meta

From structured markup to smart tags, CDN support, and due diligence on tracking to understanding page speed insights we continuously evaluate trends and requirements ensuring that under the hood, the LiveLighter platform always remains current, viable and accessible.

Screenshot of the recipe admin interface

Smart content

We see duplication of effort all the time, when a separate CCWA campaign needed access to some recipes we made it easy for this to happen. Our development skills in custom integrations are super useful.

The future

Eduka has established trust and reliability with CCWA. Together, we have become a well-oiled team and are always looking for the next best thing to continue our LiveLighter journey.

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