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Software for a purpose

Our services and skills are tuned to produce solutions and results that matter


Starting with an understanding of you, your purpose and your audience. We will gather our team to piece together the strategy for your project and work with you on the solution.

  • Goal identification
  • Understanding your users
  • Mock-ups
  • Budgeting

User experience

The link between ideas and development. Our process begins with wireframing to focus on core usability. Then is brought to life with creativity and your branding to ensure a seamless user experience.

  • Wireframing
  • Visual design comps
  • User experience design
  • Design system / style guide
  • Prototyping
  • Colour contrast checks
  • Information architecture
  • User stories and journeys

Web development

We are a Microsoft technology based independent software vendor (ISV). Most of our solutions are custom made on the C# ASP.NET core. We are a back-end engineering centric company that also happens to excel at utilising popular front-end frameworks for the UI. Our focus is to always develop to well architected patterns.

  • Azure DevOps
  • API management
  • Systems integration
  • MSSQL databases
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Azure test plans
  • Web jobs
  • Function apps
  • Logic Apps
  • Monitoring

Support & growth

Launching a website is only the beginning, what is there today can be analysed and improved upon tomorrow.

  • Hosting
  • Monitoring
  • Continuous improvement
  • Issue management
  • Enhancement planning
  • Technology updates

Cloud services

We use all the popular services from Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Cloudflare, Twilio to name a few. Using them is one thing but knowing what to use when is more important. Our experience works for you.

  • Platform architecture
  • Technology stack selection
  • Firewalls and security
  • Infrastructure considerations
  • Logging
  • Database planning


We have worked across nearly every industry over the years, these are the ones we enjoy working with


Eduka has been the go-to agency for the volunteering sector for the past 14 years. We have been tasked to build and grow the Australian national volunteering network, SEEK Volunteer for both Australia and New Zealand, VIRA and now the INVOLVE Volunteer management system.

We have unparalleled sector experience, we understand what works and we enjoy helping those who help others. Makes work a treat.

Government and not-for-profit

Our pro-bono and paid assistance in volunteering has eventuated into projects for federal, state and local government. These authorities seek our advice and work with us to create solutions tailored to how they operate.

We have also been a successful technology partner for organisations wishing to channel government funding into technology projects.

Health promotion

Creating meaningful work becomes effortless when your efforts make a positive impact. Whether it's fostering mental health or supporting sporting associations, we take joy in inspiring people to live better. We have been the digital brains behind some of Western Australia's most health promotion successful campaigns.

What we have done

SEEK Volunteer Ecosystem

Taking care of all volunteering data across Australia and New Zealand

  • Client since 2011
screenshots of the SEEK Volunteer ecosystem