Our Work.

We have produced work over the years that we’re super proud of. Take a look, you’ll be amazed at what a small, focused team with a strive for perfection can do.

Our Process.

  1. Meet and Greet

    Once we think we’ll work well together, we will arrange an initial meeting to understand your business and online goals. We’ll then conduct some research into technology and your industry and put together a proposal

    Milestone: accept proposal

  2. Kick-off and planning

    Together, we’ll come up with a content strategy, establish KPIs, write up specifications, introduce you to our team and how we will communicate throughout the project. 

  3. Design

    We will work with you to establish user flows and prototypes and have our design team create a user interface that reflects your business and established goals.

    Milestone: accept designs

  4. Implementation

    Our expert front-end developers will mark-up the website adhearing to web standards, accessibility and scalability. At this stage they're frequently coordinating with our back-end developers who will weave all the information to function as it should.

  5. Testing and presentation

    We’ll put your website onto a development domain where we conduct extensive testing and provide you with training so you feel confident in using our platforms (it doesn't take long!).

    Milestone: approval to launch

  6. Ongoing Support

    All our sites come with a warranty and we are always here to help you make enhancements and continue to grow, just like we're your in-house web team.

Have a project idea?

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