Vanessa Parsons

Vanessa recently moved from Perth to Melbourne and is dreading her first winter there #queenslandgirl

Vanessa Parsons Experience Designer and Account Manager

Responsible for client liaison and the visual direction of our products

Vanessa joined the Eduka team in 2009 when she moved from Queensland to Western Australia. Last year she moved again, this time to Victoria but still remains a part of the Eduka team.

After completing uni, Vanessa began working as a front-end developer in Queensland before heading west. There, Eduka gave her the opportunity to expand her skill set by letting her loose with design and, a few years on, responsibility for client projects.

Bachelor of Digital Design, from Griffith University (QLD)

Specialises in:

Current fav project

My Healthy Balance
This was a massive UX and IA challenge with the extent of information Diabetes WA needed to come across in a friendly and easy-to-learn way. It was enjoyable coming up with the creative solutions to bring their ideas to life.


  • Marathon Runner (PB 3:57:04)
  • Mountain Biker
  • Rock Climber

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