Kirsty Kennedy

Kirsty attempts to translate our tech conversations into something understandable and is known to whip up a killer batch of brownies.

Kirsty Kennedy Communications and Content Expert

Responsible for communication, content development and social media strategy and implementation

Kirsty joined us in May last year whilst she finished up her Public Relations degree at Curtin University.  Having undertaken a number of internships in the PR field, Kirsty joins us as our communications and content expert, expanding our team into new and exciting territory.

Whilst she's (mostly) a born and bred Perthian, a few months of the year are generally spent out exploring the rest of the world, fulfilling which some may call a #travelbug. Now working for Eduka in Melbourne!

Specialises in:

  • Social Media Content
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Relationship Management
  • Digital Marketing

Current fav project

GoVolunteer App

When I started at Eduka I was pretty excited to hear about the Go Volunteer App which made it so much easier for the Australian community to connect with volunteering opportunities!  Accessibility is key in this industry and we're sure this app has improved the lives of many Australians.


  • official kic girl!
  • do long strolls along the beach count as exercise?
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