Gordon Haime

Gordon comes from the motherland (England) so naturally the office is always well stocked with Tetley tea

Gordon Haime Software Engineer

Responsible for turning specifications into working applications

Gordon is from the United Kingdom and moved to Perth several years ago. He moved to Perth after hearing a rumor that the sky is actually blue and not grey. Being English he is never far away from the kettle and the tea bags in the office kitchen.

Prior to moving to Perth Gordon had 10 years experience in automated store planning software for some of the worlds largest supermarket retailers. 

Higher national certificate in Computer Studies, Microsoft training for SQL Server 2005, 2008 and BI

Specialises in:

Current fav project

GoVolunteer App
This was the first ever app that I built. Although it was a steep learning curve developing an app using a different programming language and operating system, it was something I really enjoyed. Being part of a team with no app development experience and producing an amazing app will always be a proud moment. 


  • Professional soccer football player for Monday Night United FC

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