Ashul Shah

Ashul brings the energy & zing to the office. He's also the one to make us channel our ESP "Umm just do that thingy like that".

Ashul Shah Managing Director

Responsible for business development and hands-on infrastructure management

Originally a Kenyan (that is where the duka in Eduka comes from), Ashul studied Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering, University of Warwick, UK in 1987. It didn't take long before he was hooked to the potential of the military network that could be used to communicate by email with other students.

After graduating, Ashul joined a UK insurance software company as the Africa regional manager before taking up a challenge to build sustainability for an African NGO via IT. This role, and his previous one, saw Ashul travelling to some amazing places in Africa and also sowed the seeds of using the telephone line for electronic communication, given the tyranny of distance and unreliable postal services.

On moving to Australia after finding his feet with a local technology services company, Ashul founded Eduka to fulfill his lifelong dream of having an internet business! He's had an amazing journey with Eduka. Ashul makes the most of his IT networking skills and knowledge of business process improvement by providing hands-on support to the team and our clients.

Anybody who knows Ashul knows he loves running and coaxing inspiring everyone to run!

Specialises in:

Current fav project

GoVolunteer App
This has been a game changer for me. I used to live and would die by web apps. Our inability to find a trustworthy developer to build a mobile app forced us to get out of our comfort zone, dive deep and learn something new.

I loved how the whole team was involved in this one. Everyone learnt something new and thrived under the pressure.

We now have an amazing mobile dev team. When it comes to building a native app that isn't simply a web overlay, we got it. With 3 new apps being built currently we keep getting better.


  • 10 marathons
  • given up body balance & yoga
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