Woodside Volunteering Portal

An innovative online tool that drives efficiency and automation throughout the Corporate Volunteering process. 

Increasing ease of Woodside Volunteering

Woodside partnered with Volunteering WA to engage employees of Woodside in an online management system. Moving from a formerly paper based system to VIKTOR meant we could meet the diversity of such a large organisation. 

The Pitch

Volunteering is part of Woodside's DNA.  The pitch was to make it easier than ever for Woodside employees to engage in volunteering opportunitites and with the volunteering community. This would continue the long history and reputation of Woodside in the volunteering world. The project involved moving Woodside into VIKTOR, whilst also incorporating our Volunteer Profile which would allow employees to save their volunteering preferences and find the right fit. 

Technology and smarts:

Woodside Volunteering screenshots

The Result

The volunteering portal developed is a place for Woodside employees to learn about volunteering, view exciting volunteer opportunities and read about what other Woodside employees have been doing in the community. The Volunteer Profile allows employees to customise volunteering opportunities to their preferences and ensure they're volunteering for a cause their passionate about.

This innovative new tool has increased the efficiency of Woodside’s volunteering program and will assist the company in increasing the program’s engagement with employees overall.

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The client said:

The Volunteer Portal has made it even easier for Woodside employees to find volunteering opportunities. The new portal provides employees with the opportunity to select and volunteer with not-for-profit organisations that they connect with, and for causes they believe in.

The consultant said:

Woodside have been awesome. They helped with adding essential bits to the corporate puzzle on VIKTOR but also used our CMS to showcase success stories, completing the cycle from volunteering to sharing stories of the activities. 

The developer said:

coming soon 

The designer said:

The Woodside volunteering portal was designed to showcase the tremendous amount of time and work Woodside employees have given back to the community through their Social Investment program. The informal nature of the website serves as a repertoire of first hand volunteering encounters and experiences which aim to show that volunteering is fun, interesting and a meaningful way for employees to engage with each other in non-traditional settings, outside the office and in the community.

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