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Mental health directory for WA

WAAMH are the state peak in WA for mental health, something which needed to be reflected in their website. Our brief was to redesign their site and create an easy to manage and use directory of mental health services in WA.

The Pitch

Based on a recommendation from Volunteering WA, we were asked to assist the team at WAAMH redevelop their website. The intention of the site was to promote WAAMH as the state peak for mental health, and more importantly as the go-to association if the media needs expert opinion on current mental health issues.

We provided a roadmap for this and subsequently the board decided to put out a competitive tender process instead, seeking responses from other leading WA digital agencies.

We were successful, just, in getting the work and quickly sought to allay any fears the board had about our capacity to deliver. WAAMH's biggest concern regarded Eduka's project management capability and approach.

This was forgotten within a week of the project and we not only delivered as per the timeline and below budget but also provided a mental health service directory connecting the local alcohol and drug agencies.

WAAMH website screenshots

The Result

Giving the website a refreshed look wasn't the main success here. We did a lot of work on the back-end of the website, automating many of WAAMH's business processes.  A simple example of this was automating their invoice generation and payment processing. This made managing their membership far less complicated and time-consuming for the staff at WAAMH.

Since the site has been put to the test over the last few years, both parties have benefited from the flexible design of the back-end code as we were able to easily modify and update the site as their requirements changed.

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The client said:

We are very happy with the quality layout and functionality of our website. Eduka delivered it with exceptional service and we still engage in an ongoing partnership as our web needs diversify.

The consultant said:

Asked what is your project methodology at the interview, my response "We just get it done no matter what it takes" now they understand this way of delivery!

The developer said:

The service directory was a bit of a challenge due to varying client ideas on how to set it up, but developing agile, we were able to deliver a tech masterpiece that is client centric.

The designer said:

Designing this site with the brief to create the future and not use any pictures was interesting. The idea was to set the standard for other not for profits to follow and we achieved this well.

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