29 Mar 2018

The right way to send images to your web developer

Unsure on how you should send images to your web developer to ensure they’re in the right format? Here’s a very quick guide.


Send in EPS or SVG formation.  If you don’t have these formats, send a high-resolution JPG or RGB version.

EPS and SVG are scalable formats that allow your web developer to scale and edit the logo without distorting it, or losing any original quality.

The RGB version of your logo is intended for digital use, the print version will be in CMYK colour mode which means the colours may look different when displayed digitally.  Your graphic designer should provide you with different versions of your logo for different uses.

General Images

Send high-resolution images in a JPG or PNG format. Use the following minimum widths as a guide for the size of the image.  You can use a free service such as Pixlr to resize images, remember to never increase the size of images as you will lose quality.

Banner – Width 1900 pixels

Content image – If in a column, look at around a width of 600 pixels, if it’s a full page, we recommend a minimum width of 1200 pixels

Thumbnails – Width 100 pixels

Staff Images – Width 220 pixels (square)

Remember this sizing is just a guide, the correct sizes for your images will be affected by the templates on your website.  Don't forget to make your images responsive so they load the correct size on all different devices.

Hit us up if you have any questions about sizing images for the web.

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