Propelling students and staff into the volunteering community

Monash understand the importance volunteering has to the community and through a custom integration of the national volunteer platform, have made it easier than ever for their students and staff to join in.

Right place, right time, right service 

The National Volunteer Network and its associated services were the perfect match for Monash's plans to grow their involvement in the volunteering sector.

The Pitch

Monash University had put out a tender to take their volunteering program to the next level and it shortly became evident that we had the perfect set of skills, technology and infrastructure to meet their requirements. We worked closely with Monash university staff, to integrate their existing infrastructure for staff and student logins, into the national volunteer platform.

Working with Monash provided a great opportunity to integrate the abilities of the national volunteer platform and the Volunteer Profile. The project is a success and is working to the benefit of the staff, students and of course, the communities in which they are volunteering!

Monash University screenshots

The Result

The integration created a fast and effective way for existing staff and students to create a Volunteer Profile associated with Monash, and to track their time spent volunteering. It also allowed Monash to create faculties and departments with the ability to post their own volunteering opportunities. Further to this, we set up a secure report which allowed their business intelligence system to track volunteering information and attach this to their academic transcript system.

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The client said:

Monash University understand the benefits that volunteering experience has in securing work for our students post-university. This platform is perfect for us to focus on optimising student experience, engagement and retention. 


The consultant said:

Working with a large tertiary institution was overwhelming in the beginning and the sheer amount of documentation and planning required was a strain on our traditionally agile team. But within a short time we managed to win them over into our way of working, forging the way for a number of firsts for both organisations.  We continue to build on the relationship and help Monash innovate in their service delivery of this platform.

The developer said:

Working with Monash to integrate their existing student and staff single sign-on system to a custom integration of the Volunteer Profile was challenging. It was a great way to test how the infrastructure we had created for the Volunteer Profile and its API would integrate with a completely different system.

The designer said:

Doing the custom integration for Monash was a great way to test the foundation we built for the Volunteer Profile. We were quietly satisfied with the flexibility of the site as it made implementing a theme with the Monash branding a breeze.

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