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Our work with MPi is a great example of keeping a client up-to-date as internet technologies evolve. Over the last ten years we have been updating their site to meet new web standards, and providing them with the benefits of our research and development into new web technologies.

The Pitch

Mining People International are one of our oldest clients. Over the last ten years we have migrated them from an MS Access back-end job board to a highly sophisticated system that seamlessly connects to their cloud based business system.

The client is a hard task master in their pursuit of excellence and customer service.  This vision had to be portrayed through the website as it is the public face of the business. We have taken the time to learn about MPi’s successful business acumen, utilising it in our process and delivery resulting in a happy client and very satisfied website visitor, take a look.

Mining People International website screenshots

The Result

Attracting a large amount of traffic to the website and converting this into candidate profiles is what we have achieved and sustained, giving MPi a competitive edge.

The initial site that we created has bloomed over the years. Working with an organisation that values its web presence has meant that we have been able to keep the site at the forefront of web standards and technologies.

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The client said:

They are a very switched-on team of people who have always provided exceptional service.  We have recently moved our website to link with a cloud based recruitment package and again the team at Eduka did an exceptional job, nothing is ever too much trouble for them. Even in the face of many challenges they rose above it all and found solutions to difficult issues.

With expertise and ethics such as yours, I see only great things for you.

Thanks so much for your loyal service over these years.

The consultant said:

We have made the Mining People website a true and totally integrated part of their business. The result was really satisfying.  Working with a passionate client, keen to stay up to date with the latest technologies, worked well with our team. 

The developer said:

From the nightly Job Alerts service to the connectivity we have used and combined different technologies to create a win for MPi.

The designer said:

The look and feel was determined by MPi's new branding guidelines but we were able to work with the graphic designers to create a modern website that will stand the test of time and trends.

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