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Updating a long-running campaign

The brief from Cancer Council was to overhaul the Make Smoking History website with a strong focus on the user experience. The site needed to be compatible with multiple browsing platforms, and also cater for the varying needs of different users looking for help.

The Pitch

On the back of our work with LiveLighter and the Cancer Council, Make Smoking History took us on to redevelop their existing website. One of the main goals of restructuring the website was to make it accessible on small devices, which was achieved by evaluating the content length for each page and creating a design that worked across multiple platforms.

There are people from many different stages of life that are trying to quit smoking, and this was one of our design considerations. It was important that everybody using the website could easily locate the right information for themselves without getting lost on the way.

Make Smoking HIstory website screenshots

The Result

The website presents information that is approachable and easy to digest, whilst still highlighting the danger of smoking. Interactive tools such as, the savings calculator and the body-health map provided salient information that can get people on the road to quitting.

We also rebuilt the website on a platform that will persist over time, and can be updated with new information. Doing so reduces the maintenance cost of the website and allows it to stay relevant.

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The client said:

The Eduka team approached our project with enthusiasm, honesty and patience, showing a clear understanding of our organisation's needs as well as our audience's. They came highly recommended to us through a colleague and not only did they live up to this recommendation, they exceeded all expectations.

The consultant said:

Dealing with the sheer volume of content and the information architecture was the biggest challenge. It may have been difficult, but we managed to simplify and reduce the content without diminishing the message that it conveys.

The developer said:

Setting up the content management system meant any future development work that needs to be done will be much easier.

The designer said:

We designed the website to be consistent with the brand message that the Make Smoking History campaign communicates. The interactive activities on the website, such as the savings calculator and the body-health map are engaging for our users, providing compelling reasons for the case of quitting smoking.

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