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LiveLighter was a comprehensive web app offering its users an array of valuable information and tools. The only difficulty was trying to manage it all. Our brief was to make a highly successful offline campaign work online, and make it easy to manage.

The Pitch

We changed the platform from an unusable CMS to a custom built application that provided unprecedented insights into usage, and allowed for a complete user experience revamp, without compromising the client's needs.

Working on a tight timeline, we migrated their existing data, introduced an agile development process to automate all business processes of management of the website, and rebuilt their Meal and Activity Planner for members to help them LiveLighter.

Even the smaller features of the website were polished, for example the BMI calculator was completely refactored to allow input as either imperial or metric, as we recognised that users may know their waist in inches but height in centimetres.

The full blown web application for members, combined with the EdukaCMS, allowed for a seamless website and application experience.

LiveLighter website screenshots

The Result

After the relaunch of LiveLighter we saw an increase in user engagement, and the Heart Foundation WA have since expanded their campaign interstate and now have VIC, NT and ACT stakeholders.

As the different states wanted to promote different health information we enhanced the site to be geo-targeted. This allows for more flexibility for each state to request enhancements and changes while remaining under the LiveLighter brand.

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The client said:

In two words: beyond expectation. Eduka brings a crucial element to our team’s success and proceeds with diligence, integrity and compassion. Their ability to translate their technical expertise into human language that is understood by a wide range of stakeholders and then apply this for an enjoyable consumer experience makes the partnership an absolute joy.

The consultant said:

Forged a relationship based on trust and a common goal of advocating positive change. We believe the success of this project truly comes from our enthusiasm to make West Australians live healthier not the income we make.

The developer said:

The smart application we developed, allowed us to hand over the reigns of running it to the client. This has resulted in an empowered client, enabling them to focus on advocacy instead of pulling their hair out!

The designer said:

Users of the system are so much happier and the retention rate has surpassed previous expectations. We continue to monitor usage patterns and improve the user experience.

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