Taking the guesswork out of gifting

An app that reduces waste, saves time and money through customised wishlists

Reducing the waste of unwanted gifts

Our client was sick of wasting unwanted gifts that were clogging up her house and hated having to throw them away, she also hated wasting money and time on not knowing what gift to buy for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, so... guessmenot was born. 

The Pitch

The guessmenot idea came to us through a client we had previously worked with, who wanted to enter a new venture through the building of a gift wishlist app.  Building the app became Eli's baby as she explored the best way to build it and what the target users would want out of the app. 

The aim of the app was to take the guesswork out of gifting, so people no longer had to waste time and money on guessing what to buy their friend or family member for the birthday or Christmas, and to allow people to receive gifts that are really wanted and treasured through their own customised wishlist.


The Result

After a few design and UX amendments along with feedback from our users, the guessmenot app was polished and ready to be downloaded and used!

The app allows users to create a wishlist through taking a photo of a gift they would like or 'sharing' any gift from any webpage to their wishlist. It also allows them to share this wishlist with anyone they want, through a customised link. 

Lastly, users can also select gifts from their friends list that they want to purchase, with these going into a 'to purchase' section that show the user what they want to buy, ordered consecutively by event date.

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The client said:

There's always been an element of fun working with the Eduka crowd, I don't always get their language but their enthusiasm is genuine. We are so very happy with the app and adore Eli and Kirsty as they are on the same page in the same book as me!

The consultant said:

The challenges of the guessmenot app came in two parts, firstly building it in a way that was friendly for the user and took into account feedback from our users and secondly, what we are faced with now, marketing the app, which will be done by Kirsty so the world can see how great it is!

A great client that trusted our judgement and decision making processes. We were all very excited to work on something new and continue to be excited to see where the app will go. 

The developer said:

It's always a great experience working on a project from scratch. Getting started, the most interesting part is the creation of the database, which transforms a simple idea into storable data. Then the magic happens when we implement the API, building the bridge between the data and the mobile applications.  I really enjoyed developing in Java through Android Studio as well as learning a new language, Swift 3, which is stimulating and captivating. 

I definitely found it a rewarding process having to switch between different languages and frameworks to deliver a full and comprehensive solution.

The designer said:

Working on Guessmenot has been a great challenge, starting with scratch just from the client idea of reducing waste and saving time through customised gift giving.  A lot of time went into exploring the best way to deliver a mobile app that would make gifting easy and as convenient as possible.  The result is a simple user experience interface that is built with minimal navigation, few essential actions and soothing pastel colours to ensure you can focus on "staying on top of the gift buying game" whilst "taking the stress out of gifting".

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