More than just a real estate agency

Servicing both their clients and 'the village', Baston & Co. aim to ensure all residents, new and old, feel part of the community

Giving everyone a slice of the #VicParklife

Lee and Derek have done amazing work in putting Victoria Park on the map as the ideal place to live, work and play in Perth. Our job was to translate this online.

The Pitch

At Baston & Co. the focus is not on simply building a sales portfolio, but helping to promote the communities in which properties are for sale and rent. The family-run business has a passion for the Victoria Park area, where they are actively involved in the community and where most of the properties they manage are located. This devotion to '#VicParkLife' makes Baston & Co. stand out from the crowd. As such, this needed to be conveyed in the website, demonstrating that they are not just another real-estate agency.

One of the key concepts that needed to be communicated on the site was the lifestyle that comes with living in Victoria Park - the diverse community, the great range of restaurants (and coffee!). The photographs we received of the local area helped set the tone of the website and we took it from there.

Baston & Co website screenshots

The Result

Baston & Co. were so enthusiastic about creating a website that did justice to the area, and this gave us a lot of motivation to see their dream come to fruition. Couple this with a lot of creative freedom and a budget that allowed us to spend time developing each unique page of content, we feel we produced a website that nailed the brief. It also resulted in a website that is visually appealing and presents content in a way which is engaging for users.

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The client said:

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my website would be something that I would be so proud of. Ashul knew what our property website needed to deliver from an ease of use, information and interaction point-of-view - the business side to the equation. What he also knew was how fully immersed in this community we are and how best to capture our #vicparklife, be it through our 'Community' tab or the seamless integration of our blog into the website.

The brief was simple - we do not want just another run-of-the-mill real estate website. Candid, black and white, real life photos taken by the talented local photographer Kat Wray, from Red Eclectic, were sent to the Eduka team as the foundation for our website, the feel. What the Eduka team delivered with minimal dialogue (because they just GOT it) blew us away.

The launch of and the positive feedback exceeded all our expectations - Eduka had created something 'different' and not like any other real estate agency's website. The support team have also been attentive, knowledgeable and only too happy to assist.

Thank you again Eduka, true professionals ahead of the curve and enhancing your clients' businesses one website at a time.

The consultant said:

The most challenging part of the project was figuring out the best layout for the website. We needed to display the descriptions of Vic Park life, the blog posts and the properties for sale in a way which sells the character and lifestyle of the suburb, not just the properties available!

The developer said:

To make it easy to transition to the new website, we integrated Baston & Co.'s CRM software so they didn't need to update the website each time they updated properties.

The designer said:

Baston & Co. engaged a lifestyle photographer to capture the heart of the Vic Park lifestyle. The images do a lot of work to convey the character of Vic Park, something which was achieved by combining full-screen and 'peephole' images with simple lines and white space. The colour palette for the website was purposely limited so that when users were exploring the website, the images of available properties stood out.

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