Revamping the user-interface

Advanced Share Registry offer a client-centred service for investors and issuers.

A redesign to complete the re-branding process

Our job was to ensure that the revamp of the ASR website was in alignment with their recent re-branding.

The Pitch

Advanced Share Registry approached us to revamp the user interface of their website and, if possible, to improve usability.  We also recommended that this would be a good time to clean up the website front-end mark-up styles along with making necessary changes to transition them to new technology.

This was done so in alignment with the ASR brand guidelines and marketing materials. 

Advanced Share Registry website screenshots

The Result

The final result was a website that aligned with the new ASR brand. The new website is visually appealing, ensuring the most important content is where it needs to be. The importance of reflecting ASR's experience, professionalism and service in the website was crucial and we believe this has been successful. 

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The client said:

Ashul and his team have always been at the forefront of technology. It has made it easy for us to use their services as they help us online from connectivity and security to data integrity and have allowed us to grow our presence seamlessly. 

The consultant said:

ASX:ASW has been an Eduka client in some form since 2001. Over the years we have facilitated their online journey through our web smarts. Giving their clients and investors access to their data with relative ease. 

The developer said:

The biggest part of this project was improving the way in which users accessed and managed their accounts.  We made this process much simpler and improved the user experience.  We increased functionality, allowing the provided content to have greater detail. 

The designer said:

It's always nice to have a chance to realign the website with new branding. The website now is a better representation for Advanced Share Registry

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