You may have noticed in the last week or so, that the number of likes on your Instagram posts have decreased along with your reach, but also the number of comments along the likes of:

  • “great post, follow us!”
  • “Awesome <3 3="" li="">
  • “Cool stuff, love your page.”

We're certainly not complaining about that last point! But why has this happened? Keep reading to get the lowdown.

  1. We've said goodbye to bots.

The main reason for the change is that Instagram has cracked down on apps that connect and use automated bots to comment on and like your posts. This is the change that has caused the dramatic drop in your followers, likes and comments over the past week. However, this means that the engagement you are now receiving, will be more authentic and legitimate.

   2.  Facebook advertising has come to Instagram.

Big and small brands that are paying to advertise on Instagram will have their posts majorly prioritised over yours, in Instagram’s, non-sequential feed.  And a post that you share on your feed organically, will only be seen by approximately one-third of your following.

In an ever-changing world of Instagram, drastic changes like this and their impacts on your account will be common, but by following a few simple tips, you can make sure you’re not left in desperation after inevitable changes.

How you can overcome this:

  1. Engage with legitimate followers

The more you engage with legitimate people following your page and the type of people you want to follow your page, the more your following and reach is going to increase, it’s just how it works. 

  1. Be authentic

In the midst of bot removal and reduced automation in Instagram, being authentic will take you far.  Treat your Instagram posts and engagement in the same way you would chat to a customer or client over the phone, be real and personable and the right people for your business will engage.

  1. Provide value

Show potential clients the value you can offer them through your posts, teach them new things or educate them on something they may be interested in and they will keep coming back.

  1. Pay if you can

If you’re serious about generating sales and interest through your Instagram account, explore your advertising options to increase your reach, there's no doubt social media is now a paid world.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment on one of our latest posts or slide into our DM's - we'd love to hear!

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