Educating and informing West Australians to achieve a healthier balance.

So many West Australians have tried many different things to achieve a healthy lifestyle, exercise programs, diets, weight loss programs and more, with little success. Diabetes WA received funding from the Department of Health (WA) to provide a different kind of health program. The goal was to create a functional and personalised custom web app, that provided its users with the skills and information required to make informed decisions in order to achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  

A version of My Healthy Balance had been previously built, but users weren’t engaging to the level expected and drop off rates were high. 

What we did

We were engaged to make some (not so) little tweaks to improve user engagement, experience and retention. And that’s what we did, we increased engagement by 400% and doubled the number of signups compared to the previous 6 months. 

How we did it:

  • Improved user flow
  • Redeveloped learning modules
  • Linked all Diabetes WA health apps
  • Increased interactivity 
  • New statistical data management
  • Listening to the behaviour change experts at Diabetes WA
  • Thorough Research and planning development process

Eduka went above and beyond with this project. We now have an interactive, modern, and innovative website that not only educates the user but intends to create behaviour change. Eduka worked closely with the team to develop a simple user flow whilst integrating evaluation throughout the website. No task was too difficult for the team and the website is better than we ever imagined it would be.