Your organisation comes to the decision that you are in need of a new website or website revamp, congratulations! It’s not an easy decision to make but, if done well, will put your business ahead of the rest.  What do you do now?

There’s a few essential things to establish before you begin to contact web developers to find out what they can offer you.

Lets go through it…

1. Who is the site for?

The first thing to establish is your Target Audience – chances are you will already have a pretty good grasp of this. Think about the different groups of people that access your website and what they are looking for when they visit. Establish how you want your target audience to navigate through the site. 

2. How do you want your site to look?

A good way to figure out how you want your site to look, is to search and take inspiration from other websites. Make sure they’re a good match for your business needs. 

Remember that simple is best.

3. What needs to be achieved?

This refers to your goals and objectives. What is your goal in creating the website and then what are the objectives that sit under that goal?  To break it down...

Goals are things such as:

  • To re-brand
  • To re-launch a project
  • To generate more leads and sales

Objectives are:

  • To educate
  • To share (your services)
  • To sell (your products)

Establishing these essential questions will direct your website in the best possible way.

4. What is your budget + who is responsible?

This one is fairly essential. A web developer can’t tell you what they can build, without a budget. A website can be built from a tiny to enormous budget, but knowing how much you are able to spend will guide the type of website you are able to build.

When you establish this, it’s also a good time to identify who will be the main person/s leading the project. Delegate important tasks to a small, select group of people, so they can understand the website really well and then filter important information down to others. 

5. Get your google on and start exploring your web developers

There are a lot out there, but only a few good ones, so pick a team that matches your values. Explore the work they have done in the past to see if you like it/think it is relevant for your organisation . Don’t be afraid to ask for references from the company as well! You can chat to others who have used their services and get their feedback on how the experience was. 

Don't underestimate the power a well-designed and structured website, filled with strong content, has. And just as importantly, don't overlook the steps involved on your behalf, before this business-altering project occurs.

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