What are the rules around how often you should be updating or redesigning your website? We could come out and say every 5 years, but in reality, there are no specific rules when it comes to this. Whether it’s time to update your website or not, will depend on your business goals, growth and budget considerations. Here are a few points to establish on whether it’s time to update your site.

  • Style guide
    • You have a new style guide and your branding has changed. It’s so important that you’re putting on a united front for your business through all forms of media; print and online. Your website is often the first place people will go to get more information about you and it’s so important that you’re branding is in-line.
  • Conversion is low
    • If you’re seeing in your analytics that people are visiting your website but clicking off quickly, aren’t converting into customers OR your website just isn’t getting many clicks in general, change is crucial. It’s time for an update and most likely a complete overhaul to ensure you’re getting both clicks to your site and converting visitors into customers.
  • You need a web developer to edit your content
    • Your website content should be easy to edit through a Content Management System (CMS). If you have to contact a web developer for every small edit you need to make, it’s time for a new site. You need a site that allows you control over your content and lets you make changes easily.
  • Not responsive on different devices
    • If you have an old site, chances are it isn’t mobile or tablet friendly. With mobile having a share of 52% over desktop, more people are browsing websites on mobile than ever before. On top of that, 8/10 people say they wouldn’t stay on a website which doesn’t respond to their device. If your website isn’t responsive it’s 100% time for a new one.
  • Your business has changed dramatically
    • This is fairly self-explanatory but, if your business has grown dramatically, is targeting a different market or offering different products and services, you should really think about updating your website. Your website should be a great reflection of your organisation, your brand and what you offer and updating it to include any new features or changes will help you do this. 

The thought of doing a complete website overhaul for your business can seem really scary. The good thing is, if your site is built well the first time, making updates such as new branding, adding new services and altering the user experience, shouldn’t be as difficult as you think. If your site was built by an outdated developer and on a platform that didn’t allow it to grow over time, you’re in a little bit of a pickle. Luckily, there’s plenty of people that can help you. How about you start with learning more about the steps involved in planning for your new site.

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