Eli seems to have cracked the communication barrier between human and computer by speaking French to it all day.

Elizabeth Miguet Software Engineer

Responsible of development, architecture of project and management of database.

After finishing her studies in Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics, Eli worked for a few years for a French IT company, then spent a year teaching Mathematics in high school (something she still misses).

Turning 30, Eli decided it was time to see the world and discover something new. Luckily for us that something new was Perth. Having been happily adopted into the Eduka team she's been loving the Aussie lifestyle ever since.

Specialises in:

Current fav project

GoVolunteer App
This one's my favourite because I learned a new language for iOS and I'm back to Java for Android.


  • 18 km FestaTrail: 2:50:31
  • 120km cycling: 2 days
  • First & Last marathon Ever: 5:11:00

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