Ashul Shah Managing Director

Ashul's expertise Donut chart breaking down Ashul's expertise. Planning Orange chart segment spanning 40% of the whole Business Development Blue-grey chart segment spanning 20% of the whole Implementation Blue chart segment spanning 3% of the whole

Donut chart breaking down Ashul's expertise.

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems - University of Warwick, UK

In the year 2000, before Youtube, Myspace, Facebook and Wikipedia, a man had a dream of starting his lifelong internet business and Eduka was born.
Originally a Kenyan, that is where the duka in Eduka comes from, duka = shop in Swahili, Ashul studied Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Warwick, UK in 1987.
Ashul quickly realised the power of the technology network and upon graduating, joined a UK insurance software company as the Africa regional manager before taking up a challenge to build sustainability for an African NGO via IT. This role, and his previous one, saw Ashul travelling to some amazing places in Africa. 
After moving to Australia and finding his feet, Ashul started Eduka.  His passion for the work we do is like no other, along with his energy and love for running.  Although we often have to guess what he is trying to tell us, there’s no doubt Eduka would not be Eduka without Ashul. 

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