Matthew Wong Front-end Developer

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Donut chart breaking down Matthew's expertise.

Bachelor of Creative Advertising and Graphic Design - Curtin University

Matt joined Eduka in 2014 whilst in his last semester at Curtin University. Growing up, he had a keen interest in all things technology and gaming which led to him at a young age dabbling in coding. After creating a masterpiece (/sarcasm) in Microsoft FrontPage in early 2000's, he soon acquired a copy of Dreamweaver MX which allowed him to further develop his interest in creating things for the web.
When he isn't in front of a computer, you can find him riding his skateboard, crunching down on some Nando's (that early 20s metabolism) or out punting at various music festivals and concerts.

#fitgeek: Won an Xbox 360 by default, HBF Run for a Reason (12km) x 1, UWA Volleyball Champion 2015