Gordon Haime Software Engineer

Gordon's expertise Donut chart breaking down Gordon's expertise. Planning Orange chart segment spanning 20% of the whole Business Development Blue-grey chart segment spanning 10% of the whole Implementation Blue chart segment spanning 15% of the whole Back-end Development Green chart segment spanning 55% of the whole

Donut chart breaking down Gordon's expertise.

Higher national certificate in Computer Studies, Microsoft training for SQL Server 2005, 2008 and BI

Gordon is from the United Kingdom and moved to Perth over 5 years ago. He moved after hearing a rumour that the sky is actually blue and not grey. Being English he is never far away from the kettle and naturally our tea stash is always well stocked
Gordon has had 10-years experience in automated store planning software for some of the worlds largest supermarket retailers. He has a higher national certificate in Computer Studies and Microsoft Training for SQL, making him the best at dealing with the complicated ins and outs of our back-end work.

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