Elizabeth Miguet Software Engineer

Elizabeth's expertise Donut chart breaking down Elizabeth's expertise. Back-end Development Orange chart segment spanning 60% of the whole Planning Blue-grey chart segment spanning 10% of the whole Database Management Blue chart segment spanning 30% of the whole

Donut chart breaking down Elizabeth's expertise.

Engineering Diploma, Masters Degree in Computer Science

Eli is a machine in the Eduka office, responsible for development, project architecture, database management AND keeping us all on our toes!
After finishing her studies in Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics, Eli worked for a few years for a French IT company, then spent a year teaching Mathematics in high school (something she still misses).
Turning 30, Eli decided it was time to see the world and discover something new. Luckily for us that something new was Perth. Having been happily adopted into the Eduka team she's been loving the Aussie lifestyle ever since.

When she's not talking to her screen in French, you’ll find her weightlifting in the gym, doing gymnastics and eating food (preferably that she hasn't cooked).

#fitgeek: 18 km FestaTrail: 2:50:31, 20km cycling: 2 days, First & Last marathon Ever: 5:11:00

Latest Musings:
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