Ronan Monteillet

Ronan can be spotted scootering around Perth armed with a baguette to knock incompetent drivers out of the way who don't park like the French people do.

Ronan Monteillet Software Engineer and Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for research into new technology and turning specifications into working applications

Ronan moved to Perth a few years ago from the south of France (not from Paris or Nice!) and joined the team at Eduka. He was only was supposed to stay for a year in Australia but loved the lifestyle here so decided to stay for a bit...

After graduating from the engineering school of Polytech'Montpellier and his first work experience in Argentina, he worked for over a year in France before starting a new adventure in Australia.

Masters of Computer Science and Management - Bachelor of Mathematics

Specialises in:

Current fav project

Volunteer Profile
A challenging project that started a couple years ago. The growing interest for this app leads to regular updates, from new features to architecture changes and innovative enhancements.


  • Rugby
  • Crossfit
  • Running

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