Matt has a massive sweet tooth especially when it comes to donuts. The rest of the team watch him jealously as he chows down on several at a time, being saved by his early 20's metabolism.

Matthew Wong Front-end Developer

Responsible for the front-end development of websites.

Matt joined Eduka in 2014 whilst in his last semester at Curtin University. Growing up, he had a keen interest in all things technology and gaming which led to him at a young age dabbling in coding. After creating a masterpiece (/sarcasm) in Microsoft FrontPage in early 2000's, he soon acquired a copy of Dreamweaver MX which allowed him to futher develop his interest in creating things for the web.

When he isn't in front of a computer, you can find him riding his skateboard, crunching down on some Nando's or out punting at various music festivals and concerts.

Specialises in:

Current fav project

Volunteer Map Widget
Creating the new map widget for Volunteering WA and its affiliates. The nature of this project meant getting around some of Google Map's limitations and figuring out obscure ways to get around them. The code refactor allowed us to extend this widget and add features such as shortlisting, and boundary limits.


  • Won an Xbox 360 by default
  • HBF Run for a Reason (12km) x 1
  • UWA Volleyball Champion 2015

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