Making volunteering easy

A modern way for South Australians to get involved with volunteering.

Increasing volunteerism in SA

Volunteering SA & NT were granted funding to produce two apps to complement and extend the good work that they do in promoting volunteering, one Android version and one iOS version.

The Pitch

Volunteering SA & NT's mission is to promote and celebrate volunteering, whilst playing a key leadership role in advancing the opportunities and accessibility of volunteering. One of the ways to achieve this was to provide an easy way, particularly for young people, to start volunteering.

Volunteering SA & NT enlisted us to produce an app that would enable volunteers to find volunteering roles that suit their interests. The app includes a feature for volunteers to enter their time and generate a transcript of their volunteering.

WeDo app screenshots

The Result

The app has been well received and has helped many volunteers - new and seasoned, find short, long-term and one-off opportunities that are an ideal fit.  Hundreds of opportunities are available on the WeDo app, allowing South Australians to make a real difference to the lives of others.

We are currently building phase two which has a rewards engine and also offers volunteers the ability to follow organisations they hold an interest in. 

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The client said:

The team at Eduka, ticked all the boxes. From patience, to understanding to reworking. Nothing was a problem and their can-do attitude has meant that we have awarded the contract for ongoing maintenance and building of our new website to them. 

The consultant said:

Facilitating workflows and testing was incredibly difficult, given the level of 'app' expertise on the client end. We overcame and flourished, a testimony to our team and the clients' willingness to adapt.  #WeDo because #WeCan.

The developer said:

Overcoming the nuances of the varied Android marketplace was eye opening. Meeting client expectations was challenging but rewarding at the same time.

The designer said:

It was a great experience implementing our mobile app design learnings into this project and really rewarding to help bring it to life.

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