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Volunteering WA is meant to be the state peak body for volunteering in Western Australia. We say meant to be because they actually work beyond the bounds of Western Australia. Volunteering WA not only manage the national GoVolunteer service, but are shaping how volunteer management and opportunities are handled nationally.

A prime example of what true collaboration can achieve

Over the years we have helped Volunteering WA create, manage and improve so many projects, incorporating a huge variety of technologies in the process. We're proud to be a partner with Volunteering WA and are excited for their next big project.

The Pitch

We were engaged on the recommendation of Office Information Australia to look into the issues Volunteering WA were having with their attempt at creating an online Volunteer Management System, from a highly successful MS Access based one.

When we first agreed to look at the system and scope what was needed to 'complete' the system we really had no idea where this journey was going to take us.

Fast forward 10 years to today, and we have in front of us a world class, world first national database of Volunteer opportunities.

We have forged a true partnership with Volunteering WA, where we work together in an environment of trust and mutual respect and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve on the web.

Aside from building the core volunteering app (VIKTOR) we have built many web apps, some stand alone, once off like CHOGM volunteers & IYV+10 to other mini sites available when required:

Volunteering WA website screenshots

The Result

Every project we have worked on with Volunteering WA has helped further the volunteering sector. Some of our favourite successes include:

  • Creating the largest database of volunteer opportunities in Australia
  • Creating the first volunteering mobile app to accompany the database
  • Setting up a system that helps manage expressions of interest to volunteer, donate, or accommodate people affected by natural disasters. It helped manage more than 500 offers of accommodation, nearly 800 offers of donations, and over 1500 offers of help during the most recent Waroona-Yarloop fires.

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The client said:

Eduka have been everything we've needed, as our IT partners.

They are innovative, willing, professional, flexible and always approachable. We have made many demands on their time, staff and patience and they have always come up trumps!

We are continuously expanding and changing our operations and they have been with us all the way with ideas, solutions and resources. We know that they share our passion for the work that we do.

They demonstrate it in innumerable ways.

The consultant said:

When VWA sneeze, the whole of Eduka catch a cold.

The developer said:

There is never a dull moment, from continuous improvement to refactoring old stuff and discovering new and innovative ways of making the user experience memorable.

The designer said:

VWA completely trust us, from a design point of view this gives us incredible flexibility and allows us to be as creative as possible without fear.

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