Adding to the state representation of volunteering

A website to match the passion, enthusiasm and hard work of Volunteering SA&NT

Increasing volunteering opportunities in SA&NT through the national network

For Volunteering SA&NT it was time for a refresh and to join the national volunteering network officially through offering volunteering opportunities directly through their website.

The Pitch

After successfully engaging with us to build the Volunteering SA&NT app, We Do, Volunteering SA&NT were ready for a new public website that involved tightly integrated volunteering search mechanisms along with a registration option for volunteering organisation to register into VIKTOR.

The aim of the project was to bring the website and 'We Do' together to offer a complete and integrated experience for both volunteers and volunteer involving organisations.

The new website also had to offer an easy way for VSA&NT to maintain and update information themselves.

Volunteering SANT Website Screenshot

The Result

The new VSA&NT website reflects the commitment to volunteering in the states and their profile as a state peak.  The project successfully integrated the 'We Do' app, in addition to VIKTOR widgets and the volunteer profile, a fully complete system.  The new website is sleek, clean, easy to use and offers a wide range of information through a bright and positive outlook. 

People in SA&NT now have easy to use web and mobile apps in which they can access volunteering opportunities and volunteer-involving organisations have an easy way to communicate within the system.

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The client said:

coming soon ;-)

The consultant said:

After building the WeDo app for Volunteering SA&NT we were excited when they awarded the contract for building and maintaining their new website to us.  The new website successfully integrates Volunteering SA&NT into the National Volunteering Network and allows them to connect with their main audiences in a clear and concise way. Another rewarding project complete for the Australian volunteering community. 

The developer said:

Being able to bring Volunteering SA-NT's vision from design to code was challenging yet gratifying. There were many technical challenges along the way, however seeing the final product and how it's making it easier for volunteers in the area get involved with their community has made it all rewarding.

The designer said:

It was a challenging, yet satisfying task to help Volunteering SA&NT present all their content and information in an easily digestible and targeted way.

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