Keep track of your volunteering story

Whether you are a seasoned volunteer or just starting out, the Volunteer Profile is an innovative way of keeping track of your volunteering story. Allowing you access to your volunteering data and at the same time giving you control over who sees what information in your profile.

Simplifying the search for volunteer opportunities

Our brief was to enhance the volunteer experience on the GoVolunteer website by allowing volunteers access and control their own volunteering information. By incorporating a recommendations section, it meant volunteers could be fed opportunities that suited them, rather than having to proactively search for the opportunities.

The Pitch

We pitched to keep the Volunteer Profile service separate from the GoVolunteer website because we believed it should benefit the entire volunteering sector, rather than just one site.

We built an API to connect volunteers to the national volunteering network, a system we implemented during our SEEK Volunteer and GoVolunteer projects. This allowed the volunteers to control their personal details and volunteering preferences that were shared with authorised organisations.

We purposely kept the user interface simple, to suit most users of the system and added advanced settings to allow experienced users better control of their preferences.

All the current volunteering websites tended to be a search and discover model. We built volunteers a service that was more intelligent, in that it did the searching for volunteers and provided a list of recommended opportunities.

Features such as following organisations and allowance for customisation for corporate volunteering were also built in to the system.

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Volunteer Profile screenshots

The Result

The Volunteer Profile matched the brief - clean and simple, providing members with the right opportunities. The infrastructure behind the site was a success too. Keeping the Volunteer Profile separate from the GoVolunteer website, and building an API relay information, led us to create custom portals for corporate and other users.

What we created didn't stop at the Volunteer Profile website either. We created a mobile app to reach younger generations too. A bright future for all volunteers to keep their own volunteer story.

The Volunteer Profile is an excellent addition to the range of services available as a part of the VIKTOR ecosystem, increasing the options for individuals and organisations alike, for getting involved with volunteering.

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The client said:

The consultant said:

Juggling all the different stakeholders including a near death by steering committee was a challenge we took on and proud to say listened, but also delivered way above any expectations.

The developer said:

The amount of re-factoring and data cleansing to achieve this was mind boggling, building the notification system that just simply works was a great challenge as were the different authentication levels.

The designer said:

Designing an app on a shoe-string and making it look and work as a great user experience was challenging and resulted in many sleepless nights but we love the end result.

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