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Online volunteer referral and management

VIKTOR and VIRA were built exclusively for the volunteering sector to provide all volunteering-involving organisations, no matter their size, a way to manage their organisation, volunteering opportunities and recruit volunteers. VIRA specifically targets the management of volunteers and is an optional add-on to VIKTOR. The two applications have expanded over the years to now help businesses and universities get involved with volunteering.

The Pitch

This is one of our biggest and longest on-going projects for the Australian Volunteering sector. The original pitch was to help VWA emulate their off-line version of VIKTOR online, which succeeded and was closely followed with VIRA, much to the excitement of the original users.

Over the last decade we have worked closely with key people from the volunteering sector to support, advise, enhance and streamline the VIKTOR and VIRA applications to keep up with web advancements and the ever growing number of users.

Recently we created a public interface to, for the first time, promote the applications online. Previously it relied on word of mouth. We didn't want to disrupt it, just back it up so potential users could revisit the details or get access quickly. This involved creating a new logo and branding, pulling together all the add-ons and widgets that go in to compliment the main VIKTOR application.

All members of the Eduka team have played a huge part in the success of these two projects. The design team are simplifying the interface based on current UX best practices and feedback from the sector. The development team transformed the underlining code to a new architecture to enable faster development of features.

Technology and smarts:

VIKTOR/VIRA app screenshots

The Result

We have seen VIKTOR and VIRA grow from being WA only, to the most widely adopted web-based volunteering software in Australia, showing no signs of slowing down. It is the main interface that feeds the National Volunteering Database with over 7500 organisations posting opportunities that filter out to a number of websites using our own Volunteering APIs and widgets. We are proud of the success of VIKTOR and VIRA but the most impressive result?  The increase in the number of Australian's getting out there to do some good in their communities.

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The client said:

The consultant said:

The developer said:

The designer said:

VIKTOR and VIRA are a good challenge as there are many key people with ideas and a large number of users who are not tech-savvy so making UX or UI changes needed to be done carefully and gradually with full details communicated to the support team.

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