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There are some jobs in life which provide much greater reward than a salary. Volunteering is one of them.

A national volunteering database

For over 12 years, SEEK Volunteer and Volunteering Australia’s GoVolunteer site, have been responsible for connecting thousands of volunteers with organisations needing their help. The brief was to replace the existing 10-year-old site with a new design, features and functionality and implement a national database to power volunteering opportunities across Australia.

The Pitch

Eduka went through a highly competitive process to pitch for and subsequently build a new volunteer platform around the requirements of Volunteering Australia, as documented by the Boston Consulting Group, in a project funded by SEEK limited.

The initial scoping revealed how big a task this was with the involvement of multiple stakeholders, including state peak bodies, volunteer resource centres, volunteer-involving organisations and state and federal government, spread over multiple capital cities.

Also, given SEEK is a company filled with some of the best minds in the country from UX, IA, and PM to security, we had to prove ourselves by producing quality work and following the correct client procedures.

Together with Volunteering WA we put forward an idea to utilise the already successful volunteer management system we had developed for Volunteering WA that was being used by many state peaks and volunteer centres. The plan was to modify it to accommodate the client’s requirements and produce an even better system that centralised and streamlined the posting of volunteering opportunities nationally.

SEEK Volunteer website screenshots

The Result

To attract the attention of volunteers, we worked closely with Leo Burnett to implement the multiple award winning and innovative Volunteer for Volunteer campaign.

6 months after launch, The SEEK Volunteer website saw a 67% increase in traffic and a massive 620% increase in conversions.

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The client said:

From the start Eduka brought to the table a significant degree of passion, knowledge, humour and commitment. Rather than being a ‘vendor’ they are now an extended part of the SEEK family having proven themselves time and again to be responsive, reliable and invested in the success of the SEEK Volunteer initiative.

The consultant said:

Managing the expectations of a client based in Victoria and on top of that, a technology focused company, was never going to be easy and just when we thought we had it all down pat, out come the security team with their big stick! We delivered each time! They still cannot believe we are a team of 7.

The developer said:

From the structure of the APIs to the building of tech to handle potentially large volumes of traffic whilst migrating, collating and improving ancient artifacts and data was like ‘woah’ but we overcame!

The designer said:

Working with an established UX team at SEEK and adhering to their standards was interesting, grating and rewarding at the same time. We used web based tools to communicate to each other and these proved invaluable.

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