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My Healthy Balance helps individuals and workplaces improve their health by providing free education about healthy choices and setting attainable goals, with the aim of making lasting lifestyle changes

An online education program

The My Healthy Balance program, where users complete interactive learning modules on different areas of healthy living, was getting interest but wasn't converting that interest into active users. The brief was to identify and address user drop-off rates.

Sometimes it's as simple as making the sign-up process user-friendly, and some (not so) little tweaks went a long way in improving user engagement and retention.

The Pitch

The My Healthy Balance program takes into consideration that losing weight isn’t everybody’s goal. Users can choose to focus their learning on other healthy aspects of life like stress management, changing food or alcohol consumption, or improving mental health.

Getting users to identify their goal and time-frame for achieving it, was one of the more challenging aspects of the program. The process of gathering user information, was broken down into smaller, easy to follow sections which reduced the completion barrier that long web forms have.

The second challenge was the learning modules themselves. Designing and developing interactive activities and thoughtful layouts within the modules, created more engagement and improved results.

Another key improvement was the way in which the statistical data was stored. By focusing on making it easy to use, we created an effective way to get insights, such as success rates of long-term behaviour changes from the data.

My Healthy Balance screenshots

The Result

The improved user flow for the sign up form, saw a sharp increase in new registrations, and the redeveloped learning modules saw an increase in engagement for old and new users alike. In the first month after release, we had the same number of people sign up to the program as there had been for the previous six months, and the engagement rate was up by 400%.

These results not only validated our efforts in improving the user experience, but also meant that so many more people were learning the information needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

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The client said:

Eduka went above and beyond with this project. We now have an interactive, modern, and innovative website that not only educates the user but intends to create behaviour change. Eduka worked closely with the team to develop a simple user flow whilst integrating evaluation throughout the website. No task was too difficult for the team and the website is better than we ever imagined it would be.

The consultant said:

It was exciting to implement the new single sign-on service that we developed for Diabetes WA. Now that it's all in place, all of their current and future projects can be linked to the one ID, allowing users to seamlessly transition between health apps.

The developer said:

Getting the correct data output from the website was challenging but necessary. Making the data easy to access and analyse was really important, and is going to be invaluable for tracking long-term health outcomes.

The designer said:

Making the website more interactive was worthwhile, and has definitely paid off in terms of activity. Seeing users access more parts of the website is great, from both desktop and mobile platforms. Getting rid of the static web form has improved the user experience to no end!

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