Raising awareness about the dangers of alcohol use among young people

The McCusker Centre works to raise awareness of the magnitude of alcohol-related harms amongst young people, by promoting the actions known to be effective in preventing alcohol-related harm and encouraging and informing community discussion and debate around the issue.

Making things easier for all parties involved

We implemented the EdukaCMS to make the large amount of content on the MCAAY site much easier for the staff to maintain, and gave the site a simpler look to make it easier for the users to digest.

The Pitch

The brief looked simple at first, but there was more to it than met the eye. The easy part was to make managing the website and keeping the content up to date easier - something done by the EdukaCMS.

The trickier part was going to be getting the design right. The sheer volume and nature of the content available on the site, combined with the specifics of the brief, meant the colour palette and layout would be very important.

MCAAY website screenshots

The Result

We chose a subtle colour scheme as not to distract the users from the important content. Coupled with the updated architecture and layout of the site, it's much easier for users to find and engage with the topics presented on the site.  Making this engagement easier ensures that young people are more aware of alcohol-related harms and the dangers are reduced.

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The client said:

From the start Eduka really understood our project needs and went above and beyond to deliver. The team has an unparalleled passion for and commitment to their work. We're very grateful to Eduka for making the process of developing our new website that much easier – thank you Ashul and the Eduka team!

The consultant said:

The sensitive subject matter, combined with the need to be politically correct and working with distinguished academics, made this project challenging. However, we persisted with passion and ultimately were successful in delivering the website.

The developer said:

The site makes full use of the EdukaCMS document management feature's flexibility, with almost 400 news items, fact sheets, industry guides, media releases and submissions presented in a number of different ways throughout the site.

The designer said:

Working with a brief specifying no photographs of alcohol or drinking was a challenge at first but it meant we were able to use simple colours, typography and shapes, as well as the content itself, to add interest to what is an information-heavy website.

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