07 Nov 2017

Ich bin ein Berliner

An opportunity, a chance to run amongst the best and a desire to be my best, led me to the Berlin marathon.

It all started with an email, an opportunity to run the Berlin Marathon. This was my chance to run on a track that holds the men’s world record for the marathon. To run a major marathon would be the ultimate experience, I felt. To finish with a PB would wrap it up as a sweet present for my birthday a few weeks later.


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I saw the quote above on Instagram, it resonated with me and has become my mantra, my CTA.

This began the next year of highs and lows, training runs that left me feeling euphoric and persistent injuries and pains that created the opposite effect.  An injury, six weeks out of Berlin, halted my long training runs, yet with a persistent (stubborn) attitude, I continued with the smaller runs, but felt that pain surfacing after every finish.  I headed to Berlin with the thought that, with some rest and still holding a very strong mind, I would be able to run the race. 

Race day came, what happened next? The beginning of many lessons. 

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