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Motivating people to improve their diet and activity levels by using online competitions and prizes.

Encouraging activity using friendly competition

The existing app was in desperate need of a fresh new look, strategy changes, and an improved user experience to combat high drop-off rates. Diabetes WA needed the Get on Track Challenge to become a friendly and engaging healthy-lifestyle motivator for Western Australians.

The Pitch

Having experienced first-hand the quality of our work with the My Healthy Balance project, Diabetes WA took us on once again - this time to redevelop the Get on Track Challenge.

We designed and built a public facing website to promote the web application. To make it easier to compete in the challenge, the registration process and the challenge application itself were redesigned. The new design was more engaging for users and made it easier to record their daily activity.

The biggest problem we identified was the difficulty involved with creating, administering, and joining challenges. This was a critical issue because the challenges are the core of the application and the poor user interface was a major contributor to user drop-offs. To combat this, analysed every aspect of registering, setting up a challenge, joining, and logging data to ensure they were all as straightforward as possible. Breaking the set-up process down into easy to digest sections made a huge difference, and connecting with fitness tracker services like Fitbit and Garmin to automatically synchronise data made it much easier for users to stay on track.

Get on Track website screenshots

The Result

The changes we made to Get on Track Challenge have increased user engagement, with the number of active participants increasing with every challenge. Since releasing the new design the number of users has been increasing on average by 24% every month, and the number of workplaces by 20%.

We're happy to see the number of people and workplaces getting involved in being active increasing every month - are we're proud to be one of them!

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The client said:

Ashul and the team at Eduka developed this website with great passion for the end result. They took this website to the next level by integrating technology (Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone) whilst still being able to make the user journey simple. The team had a great understanding of what we required and constantly provided fresh thinking. We are so pleased with the website and have already received great feedback from our users.

The consultant said:

The challenges were twofold - completely reconstructing an award-winning website, and to make something that was very complex, simple. The team came together, and we used our strengths to produce a polished website.

The developer said:

Playing with some of the new activity trackers was fun, but also very useful for understanding how we could implement the data from each tracker on the website. The prevalence of activity trackers on the market has been a great benefit for data tracking.

The designer said:

For a web app such as the Get on Track Challenge, continued use is important for making long-lasting changes to behaviour. That's why it was so important to make the website easy to use so that users are more likely to keep using it.

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