Educating youth for a healthier future

Combining hands-on workshops with online recipes and activities to help young people develop healthy food choices and habits

Online activities and recipes for kids

Face-to-face workshops were under way for the program, but there needed to be a follow-up resource to complement them. Our brief for the Fuel Your Future project was to make an interactive and accessible web resource that kids can visit to get recipes for their newly learned skills, and continue interactive learning.

The Pitch

It was important to ensure that the website ran smoothly on all screen sizes, as our target audience are highly likely to be accessing the website from mobile devices. 

We pitched the idea of illustrating the way that food ‘fuels the body’ by turning nutrients, cells, and fats into characters, and the body into a machine. Along with this was a friendly user interface that allows kids to complete short learning activities and receive virtual rewards for their cooking progress.


Fuel Your Future screenshots

The Result

After tweaking the navigation a little, the website ran smoothly and looked great on all platforms. The final product complements the workshops with additional learning resources and recipes.

One of the best outcomes was the new design of the recipe pages which have a much easier to follow layout. From the check-box recipe list to help keep track of what ingredients are missing, to the 'cook mode' to visually guide the user through each step of the cooking process, the new design helps a typically mobile-using generation get stuck in to cooking.

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The client said:

As such, it was imperative that the platform be engaging and appealing to young people, capturing their attention on a topic that can traditionally be viewed as ‘boring’ amongst the demographic.

Eduka rose to the challenge, creating a highly interactive, engaging website that includes a dynamic infographic, easy to follow recipes, and a login-only member area complete with games and various tools for the youth to interact with. The website is linked to Fuel Your Future’s social media channels and seamlessly ties in with the offline component of the program.

The consultant said:

This was an exciting opportunity for us to engage a typically disengaged audience, especially on a topic that has an effect on their future health. We are looking forward to seeing the results of the program over the next few years. Hopefully it’s a roaring success!

The developer said:

The conversation wall was my favourite part of this project. Adding a social aspect to the website meant that people could share their food stories and pictures, making the whole experience more engaging.

The designer said:

It was important that the website was visually appealing considering that our target audience age was 12-18. I feel we got the look right. The main page presents food advice in a fun way, and the recipe sections are a visual feast!

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