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A social club with a 3000 plus member base for the WA energy sector

Increasing ease of access for members

The Energy West Social Club website needed updating to make it easier for members to book exclusive accommodation, discover events and access discounts.

The Pitch

The Energy West Social Club approached us to create a new, user friendly website which would predominantly act as a member base for EWSC members to sign up or log in to their accounts to access exclusive experiences and discounts.

This involved the task of incorporating a booking and ballot system in which members could log in to their accounts to book holiday homes scattered around Western Australia and join the ballot for busy periods. This also included a payment function for members to safely and securely submit payments for their accommodation. 

Energy West Social Club website screenshots

The Result

The website produced is visually attractive, simple and easy to use and fulfils the requirements of the pitch.  After a few final tweaks, the accommodation booking and ballot system works with ease.

The design and layout enhances user experience and immediately leads the user to beautiful images of their next holiday destination, thanks to their membership benefits. 

Eduka have provided us with a business solution that has successfully driven huge change in our business. Our members love the 24/7 booking availability, we are now able to focus on  moving through our Strategic Plan, we are offering more diverse and better value events, our occupancy rates are increasing and our membership is steadily growing after a period of significant downturn in the energy sector workforce.

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The client said:

As a very small NGO, with a member base of 3000 and 18 holidays homes and no systems upgrades for 30 years. We were looking for a business solution that gave us sophistication in back end process whilst providing seamless front end user function for our members.

Our brief to Eduka included changing from an on paper handwritten journal &  paper driven operation to paperless with online; bookings system, events system and discounted ticket purchasing system.

We are very grateful to have been introduced to the Eduka Team and we now consider them as part of the EWSC Team and future development! Go Team!!

The consultant said:

The challenge of moving from an Access database to a fully online membership management and booking system, was too good to not take up this opportunity!  

The client is superb and trusted our judgement all the way.  

Couldn't have asked for a smoother process to take the client to the next level.

The developer said:

The tip of the iceberg is the booking system for the holiday homes but there has been a lot of work under the hood to migrate the old data into the new system.

Having been able to work hand in hand with the client to, not only deliver on what had been promised, but also to simplify their process and make their life easier, always leaves us with a great feeling!

The designer said:

It’s always exciting turning a tired website into a sparkling new one.

The design just flowed so well with the limited colour palette and the request to keep the layout simple.

We spent most of our time on the UX for searching and booking holiday homes.

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