We helped Woodside employees connect into their volunteering DNA.

Woodside partnered with Volunteering WA to engage employees of Woodside in an online management system. They wanted to move from a paper based system to make it easier for their employees to volunteer. 

Volunteering is part of Woodside's DNA.  The pitch was to make it easier than ever for Woodside employees to engage in volunteering opportunities and with the volunteering community. This would continue the long history and reputation of Woodside in the volunteering world.

What we did

The project involved moving Woodside into VIKTOR, whilst also incorporating our Volunteer Profile which would allow employees to save their volunteering preferences and find the right fit.

How we did it:

  • Incorporating the volunteer profile 
  • Linking Woodside to the VIKTOR volunteer management system
  • Integrating volunteer search widget into the site, allowing employees to easily find volunteer opportunities.

The Volunteer Portal has made it even easier for Woodside employees to find volunteering opportunities. The new portal provides employees with the opportunity to select and volunteer with not-for-profit organisations that they connect with, and for causes they believe in.