You hear about it all the time, you're pretty sure your small business might be doing it, but what exactly does content marketing mean? It's a way you can get potential customers interested in your business, products and services, without being too ‘salesy’.  Providing potential customers with interesting and valuable content engages them with your business in an easy and helpful way.  It’s a great and reliable way to increase the organic reach of your website and generate more leads.

How can small business use it?

Content marketing is an incredible tool for small business because it can be very simple and easy to execute, using the knowledge you already have and just sharing it with others. As a small business, implementing a content marketing strategy would help you do 3 things:

  • Gain the attention of an individual
  • Capture their interest in your website
  • Motivate them to take further action

That further action will depend on what the goals of your content marketing strategy are.  Common goals include things like:

  • Creating a database of visitors to your site (so you can follow up with them)
  • Increase the general organic traffic on your website
  • Generate increased sales from your website
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Build a stronger relationship between you and your potential customers

Where to start?

Answer the following questions.

  1. What is the goal of content marketing for your business?
  2. What type of people do you want to reach?
  3. What type/s of content will fit that goal and the persona/s of the people you want to reach?

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean your content strategy has to be, think infographics, videos, social media posts, podcasts + more.

The most popular form of content marketing is the humble blog. Blogging is great because you can write about things you already know and that would be useful for your potential customers.  Build a reputation as someone in the industry that is an expert on a particular subject matter.

It’s important that your content marketing isn’t done in insolation, implementing a combined effort content marketing strategy will take you further.

If you need some assistance in brainstorming content marketing ideas or how to develop a content marketing strategy, hit us up!

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