What is your (work) life missing? We ask.  Many things, you might respond. A standing desk? Good coffee machine? Colleagues that don’t steal your lunch (seriously those people are the scum of the earth). But one of the most important things your work life might be missing is a custom app . 

To break it down for you, a custom app is software that is specially developed to meet an organisation’s needs.  Custom apps are built and designed to follow business processes and therefore increase efficiencies without introducing radical change. Now, if you haven’t read our previous blog, the fallacies of off-the-shelf software I would recommend you go and do that now before continuing.    

We're here today to debunk a number of
common myths surrounding building custom apps

1. It’s expensive 

This has to be the biggest concern businesses have about custom apps and we get it. But, custom apps can actually be cost-competitive when compared to other alternatives, like off-the-shelf software AND it provides a long-term solution. You also don’t have to pay to deal with the licensing issues as you would do with off-the-shelf software.

2. It takes a long time to develop

This isn’t necessarily true, custom app developers are able to get an understanding of your basic and most essential needs pretty quickly and can build the app to deal with those essentials in a reasonably short amount of time. After that, they can work on enhancing it to ensure you have a full product.

3. Using off-the-shelf software is ‘good practice’

This is an odd one, but by no means is correct, custom software is by nature easy to use as it is unique to your business needs.

4. It’s not necessary 

Whilst many businesses can get by with using off-the-shelf software, it’s often inefficient and doesn’t completely meet your needs. Custom apps can help fill in the gaps and better yet, keep all knowledge in one place, are easy to use, and increases efficiencies.

There you have it, a few common myths about custom apps that might make you think different about it in the future. Tune in next time to read the anatomy of a custom app and how we help you dress build for success.



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