Helping Australians create and manage their own volunteering (hi)story.

We pitched the idea of the Volunteer Profile ourselves, as an Eduka led project.  The federal funding was to add an "my account" area to Go Volunteer and we did not think this was wise.  We put up our own time to build this as a separate project to Go Volunteer as we believed it should benefit the entire volunteering sector, not just one site.  Where volunteers control their information and who can see it.

What we did

We built a volunteer app that allowed users to create their own Volunteer Profile and offered them a list of recommended opportunities. 

How we did it:

  • Used an API to connect volunteers to the National Volunteering Network
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Simple user interface
  • Focus on flexibility and customisation 

Eduka's pro-bono support should be lauded as an example of how small business can make a difference not just within their own community/locality but nationally as well. We are just so lucky to have Ashul and his team look after the volunteering sector providing much needed data and IT skills.