From Fasttrack to Salesforce we help MPi stay at the forefront of boutique recruitment.

  • Client: Mining People International
  • Website:
  • Project length: many over that last 12 years

Mining People International (MPI) are a client of  over 12 years that have always been eager to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and advance their business systems.   

What we did

Over the years we’ve worked with MPI to migrate from a time consuming MS job board (recruitment) to a sophisticated system that connects to the cloud.  We’ve developed and upgraded their website which acts as their public face.  Together with MPI, we’ve  developed business systems that give them a competitive edge.  

How we did it:

  • Viewing MPI as a partner, not a client  
  • Being at the forefront of web standards and technologies
  • Easy to use job management system 
  • Taking time to learn about MPI’s successful business acumen 
  • Connection to third party apps

They are a very switched-on team of people who have always provided exceptional service.  We have recently moved our website to link with a cloud based recruitment package and again the team at Eduka did an exceptional job, nothing is ever too much trouble for them. Even in the face of many challenges they rose above it all and found solutions to difficult issues.

With expertise and ethics such as yours, I see only great things for you.

Thanks so much for your loyal service over these years.