There are a variety of specimens co-habiting an open space; each exhibiting their own unique characteristics. 
But like any other ecosystem, there needs to be compromise, tolerance and respect in order to maintain harmony and sustainability.
Let's explore the individuals of one of the most diverse communities, the "Eduka HQ" and find out how they coexist.

The loud and distracting species (Eduka ashulitus)


  • Characteristics: Loud (potentially deaf). Social media addict. Shares news, jokes, videos and so on... compulsively.
  • Benefits: Stress free environment, lots of laughter and easy going.
  • Disadvantages: Distraction, loss of focus for the entire environment leading to poor productivity.
  • Remedy: The use of ear plugs in addition to loud music is the most efficient way to deal with this species. Wine works quite well too.

The smelly food species (Eduka elium)


  • Characteristics: Mostly female. Eats smelly food. Feels absolutely no shame or guilt about it.
  • Benefits: Scientists still haven't found any link with their eating habit but they bake a lot! Meaning a lot of cakes, tarts, biscuits and cookies are shared with other species.
  • Disadvantages: Fish, egg and cheese smell in the common space, dishwasher and bins ...for days.
  • Remedy: Some of them bake delicious cakes so other species just make do with it.

The universal species (Eduka gordolis)


  • Characteristics: Quiet. Polite. Brings in a lot of tea, biscuits and treats.
  • Benefits: Calms down tension, ensures peace in the open space.
  • Disadvantages: None.
  • Remedy: No need. Perfectly adequate for open spaces.

The air-con sensitive species (Eduka damoitas)


  • Characteristics: Body temperature regulated by their unique thermostat. Equally sensitive to heat and direct air-con.
  • Benefits: Great ally during an air-con war if in same body temperature stage.
  • Disadvantages: Tough enemy during an air-con war if in opposite body temperature stage.
  • Remedy: Close the closest ceiling-mounted air vent, but not too much or they could get too hot too quickly!

The messy species (Eduka mattius)


  • Characteristics: Often young, in its teenage years. Doesn't clean up after itself. No understanding of the concept of common space. Even more true for the kitchen.
  • Benefits: Make other species work really hard on their tolerance of mess and cleaning skills.
  • Disadvantages: Makes access to safe drinking water and a hygienic eating space difficult.
  • Remedy: Some species threaten them and others surrender and adjust their expectations ...

The Friday music lover species (Eduka ronanorum)


  • Characteristics: Loves to share music on Friday. Interesting but questionable taste in music.
  • Benefits: Relaxed Friday afternoons leading nicely to the weekend.
  • Disadvantages: Its choice of music can crush other species soul and make their ears bleeding, particularly around Christmas.
  • Remedy: Getting control of the bluetooth speaker. But be ready for a tough fight!

The smartest species (Eduka nessa debsilum)


  • Characteristics: Works from outside the open space, even as far as another country or continent.
  • Benefits: More space in the open space.
  • Disadvantages: Time difference can be challenging when your communication tools don't work as expected....
  • Remedy: Teams, Skype, emails, phones ....

What species do you encounter in your office and how do you keep things symbiotic? Give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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