Email marketing is hard. 

Watching the percentage of opens and click throughs can be soul crushing.  And writing relevant content for your audience/s can be just as antagonising. Follow our 6 top tips to ease the pressure and nail your next email marketing campaign. 

Educate, don’t sell

Don’t try to sell to your audience, they’re receiving your email, so you can assume they know you exist and will reach out to you when they’re ready to buy.  Instead, set yourself apart by educating and entertaining them.  What are the main challenges in their business? Try solve them.  Be a shining light in the midst of drab, boring emails.

Don’t ignore your design

It doesn’t matter how much your content rocks, people want to read something that is pleasing to the eyes.  Invest a bit of time in designing a template for your email newsletters that is in line with company branding, something that is modern, and fresh.  A clever design will make your content more enticing and encourage your customers to read through. 

It’s time to integrate

In the digital world, your content should never be independent from one another, integrate your emails in with the rest of your content, such as your website, blog and social channels.  Link your readers into your blog when relevant and at least include your social icons in your header or footer to encourage further exploring. 

Subject lines score

As hard as it is to write interesting and engaging subject lines, there’s no doubt they have a HUGE impact on your click through rate.  That means no, “July update from ‘insert business name here”.  Instead, encourage curiosity in your readers, promise something they can find within your email or point out common mistakes or challenges they face, pushing them to find the solution in your content.

Be prepared for a conversation

When crafting the content for your email, try imagine it more like a conversation with your clients and customers, rather than a one-sided effort.  Ask questions and encourage interaction and thought from the reader.  It’s likely that, not only will this make it easier for you to write the content, it will make it a lot easier to be read as well.

If you’re not on mobile, you’re missing out

This seems so self-explanatory in 2018, but I’d be a millionaire (okay maybe a ‘thousandaire’) if I had a dollar for every email that wasn’t responsive to my mobile. 

The stats are telling us that 47% of people read emails on their mobile, so you’re committing marketing suicide by not making your templates responsive. 

vision 6 

Please, before you send your next email, get it done.

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