We helped reduce gift wastage through a gift wishlist app.

Rosal was sick of wasting unwanted gifts that were clogging up her house and wasting time and money on not knowing what gift to buy for birthdays, weddings, Christmas etc.  

The aim was to take the guesswork out of gifting, so people no longer had to waste time and money on guessing what to buy their friend or family member for the birthday or Christmas. 

What we did

We created a mobile app on Android and ios that allows users to create customized gift wishlist’s that they can share with family and friends for upcoming events.  

How we did it:

  • Design and user experience understanding 
  • Database creation, transforming the idea into storable data
  • Simple and minimal navigation to ensure convenience
  • Linking the app with external websites to allow users to add gifts online 

There's always been an element of fun working with the Eduka crowd, I don't always get their language but their enthusiasm is genuine. We are so very happy with the app and adore Eli and Kirsty as they are on the same page in the same book as me!