A complete membership and accommodation booking web app for a social club.

  • Client: Energy West Social Club
  • Website: energywest.com.au
  • Project length: 470 hours

The Energy West Social Club had a 30 year old paper based system which they used to manage their members and bookings for holiday homes.  They then progressed this to a MS Access app but the limitations were obvious very quickly.  It was time for an upgrade to a complete could based system.

What we did

It was an exciting challenge to undergo such a big project and movement for the Energy West Social Club.  We developed a web app for them consisting of a front end website and a fully online membership management and booking system backend.  The business solution has allowed EWSC to increase their events, increase occupancy rates and grow their membership.  

How we did it:

  • Migration of data into a new system  
  • User experience development for holiday home booking  
  • Admin interface for member management
  • Safe and secure payment system integrating to PIN payments 
  • Simple design and limited colour palette.

As a very small NGO, with a member base of 3000 and 18 holidays homes and no systems upgrades for 30 years. We were looking for a business solution that gave us sophistication in back end process whilst providing seamless front end user function for our members.

Our brief to Eduka included changing from an on paper handwritten journal &  paper driven operation to paperless with online; bookings system, events system and discounted ticket purchasing system.

We are very grateful to have been introduced to the Eduka Team and we now consider them as part of the EWSC Team and future development! Go Team!!