In the age of digital efficiency and productivity, we love learning about new and old tools that can help us in our day to day work.  So, we thought it was time we shared a few of our favourites with you, some of them we’ve been using for many years and some, only for a matter of months. 

If you want to discover some new tools that may assist you in your work life, keep reading! 


This one is our bible! Asana is the holy grail of project management tools and keeps us on our toes.  We love Asana because it allows us to manage multiple projects at a time, categorise tasks by project or team and sort projects in a way that is best suited for that project manager.  This means sorting in lists, for list people (I love a good list) or sorting by timelines and calendars.

Price: There’s a basic free version, but for more features, prices start at $10 a month. 


This is a pretty simple one, but an essential for all of you visual/brainstorming lovers.  We discovered it as a simple way to create site maps, but it can be used essentially for any related task.  We also like to use it as a way to brainstorm content ideas, for blogs, social media posts, email newsletters and more!

Price: FREE


Self-described as the “Digital Design Toolkit”, Sketch is used by our design and front-end team to create images and design websites and web and mobile applications.  It is allowing us to ditch the email chains once and for all (we hate them!) as it allows our clients to comment directly on our designs, offer feedback and ask questions all in one place.  Sketch has also meant we can say goodbye to some exuberantly priced Adobe products.

Price: $99 for the year.


This one is a web developer specific tool but is a software that assists you in editing your source code.  Notepad++ supports multiple languages which is great if you work in a multilingual team!

Price: FREE


Do you ever get asked, ‘what did you do today’ and struggle to remember? You know you were flat out but can’t actually pinpoint what you spent your time on and how much time you spent on different things! Vanessa uses Harvest as a time tracker so she can be the boss of time management.  You can also use Harvest as a timesheet and secondary project management tool – but we have our own built software, EVO, for that!

Price: Free for 1 user and 2 projects or for unlimited projects, it’s $12 a month per person.


Another life-saver for any individual or business, is a secure way to store your passwords.  We couldn’t function without 1password (or at least not be able to login to anything).  We love 1password because it’s super easy to use, and it allows each person in the team to have their own private folder of passwords in addition to a shared folder. 

Price: For a team it starts at $7.99 (USD) a month.

Hit us up or comment on one of our Insta posts and let us know what tools you love!

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